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Ayyappa Geosynthetics Installers is a specialized contractor providing engineering, design, construction, and maintenance of Geosynthetics products and services.

We Will
  • Supply materials
  • Install the project on site as a specialist subcontractor
  • We install all types of Geosynthetics products
  • We are a skilled contractor with specific skills and equipment to install Geomembranes in all applications.
  • This consists of providing the detailed design & drawing of the proposed lining system, related geosynthetics products

Problem analysis
We have well-trained dedicated team to problem solving in civil and Environmental applications.

Design Service
This consist of providing the detailed design & drawing of the proposed lining system, layout for laying of liner panels to ensure minimum wastages & full proof leakage system at site.

Onsite Quality Assurance
All the necessary onsite tests like seam peel strength, leak detection of the joints and seams etc., are carried out with one of the most advanced testing equipments.

  • Landfills (Municipal and Solid)
  • Hazardous waste landfills
  • Pond Liners
  • Agriculture Pond Liners
  • Canal linings
  • Evaporation ponds
  • Raw water treatment reservoirs
  • Secondary containment for above ground storage tanks
  • Ash disposal ponds
  • water recovery basins
  • Evaporation ponds
  • Oil storage and refining

  • Effluent treatment tanks(ETP)
  • Cooling towers
  • Pulp and paper industries
  • Lechite storage pit
  • R.C.C Tanks floating covers
  • Trenches and storage pits
  • Industrial sheds/Dumping platform floor lining
  • Prefabricated items in HDPE an PP will be fabricated as per your drawings and specifications


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