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Pipeline Welding Services

Pipeline Welding Services

AYYAPPA GEOSYNTHETICS INSTALLERS  capable of managing all fabrication for HDPE and PP pipe solution including the design, engineering certification, fabrication, construction, installation and commissioning.

We fabricate from install HDPE liners, and complete minor civil works. Works range from emergency repairs, shutdowns, and maintenance upgrades through to complete HDPE piping systems installations.

All welding for HDPE piping systems is performed in accordance with thoroughly developed quality standards, with all weld parameters calculated and recorded on weld logs and all worked performed in safety management system.

We use state of the art welding equipment which reduces manpower requirements on site and improves productivity.

AGI also carries a large range of pipe and fittings, including stubs, backing rings, reducers, bends, tee pieces, valves, gaskets and bolts – all available off the shelf – in sizes from 32mm to 630mm. This enables us to deal with our customers emergency needs promptly, avoiding costly delays.


  • Welding of HDPE Pipes.
  • Floatation, Shifting and Sinking of Pipe Lines.
  • Installation of Pipe Line on Sea Bed.
  • Head works and generator installations
  • Complete pipeline welding and installation
  • Valve installations
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Operate and maintenance

The Ranges of Varied Dimensions of Hdpe Welding Machines are Like

  • 63-160 mm
  • 90-315 mm
  • 315-630 mm

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