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Geo Cells

Ayyappa Geosynthetics Installers is one of the leading Importers and Suppliers of Geo Cells (also known as Cellular Confinement Systems). Our Geo Cells are three-dimensional honeycombed cellular structures that form a confinement system when infilled with compacted soil. Extruded from polymeric materials into strips welded together ultrasonically in series, the strips are expanded to form the stiff (and typically textured and perforated) walls of a flexible 3D cellular mattress or slab. Infilled with soil, a new composite entity is created from the cell-soil interactions.

The cellular confinement reduces the lateral movement of soil particles, thereby maintaining compaction and forms a stiffened mattress or slab that distributes loads over a wider area. The result is high bearing capacity even from inferior fill material, reduction of structural layer thickness and longer-term durability. Traditionally used in slope protection and earth retention applications, geocells made from advanced polymers are being increasingly adopted for long-term road and rail load support.

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